You can quickly and anonymously file a complaint against a doctor. A “special box” has been launched

You can quickly and anonymously file a complaint against a doctor.  A "special box" has been launched

There are situations when a doctor behaves in an inappropriate or unethical manner. A special e-mail box has been created to receive complaints about such incidents.

Certainly, some of us have been treated badly or inappropriately by a doctor. One of the rights of every patient is to file a complaint against a facility that provides services under the National Health Fund. The situation is the same for doctors. The Supreme Medical Chamber recently reminded about this by launching a special e-mail box for such reports.

A special box for complaints against doctors

On March 25, the Supreme Medical Chamber announced via the X platform (formerly Twitter) the creation of a special e-mail box to which each patient can report a doctor's action that was inconsistent with evidence-based medicine and the code of medical ethics, but also content that required intervention in social media and those that target specific doctors and the entire community. The Supreme Medical Chamber also informed that this special e-mail box was created in response to patients' suggestions and needs.

What will happen after the patient sends such an email? “After analyzing the reports, the team will decide whether to report the cases to the professional liability ombudsman, the legal department or law enforcement agencies,” we read in a statement from the Supreme Medical Chamber. The email address to which reports can be sent is as follows: (email protected). Moreover, it is also important that such complaints can be submitted anonymously.

Objections regarding the method of treatment can also be directed to the director of the facility where the doctor works (it is best to do this first), as well as the Patient Ombudsman. It is worth familiarizing yourself with your patient's rights. Also check whether the doctor can refuse to admit the patient – the rules clearly specify this.

How can I file a complaint against a medical facility?

A complaint can also be filed against a facility that has a contract with the National Health Fund and whose representatives behaved inappropriately towards the patient. The patient can submit it to the provincial branch of the National Health Fund or the National Health Fund headquarters in Warsaw. Situations in which such a complaint may be justified include a refusal to make an appointment with a doctor or provide a service (when there were no grounds for doing so). Another reason is when the patient was ordered to pay for a service that should have been provided under the National Health Fund, i.e. free of charge. The reason may also be difficulties in making an appointment with a doctor – for example, when appointments are only possible in person or on designated days. The reason also includes receiving a prescription without reimbursement (which the patient is entitled to).

Such a complaint can be submitted to the National Health Fund:

  • written,

  • via the Electronic Inbox within the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP),

  • via e-mail,

  • orally (in a given facility).

Remember, however, that the National Health Fund is not authorized to evaluate medical decisions made by doctors during the treatment process.

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