A Caribbean water park will open in Europe. A holiday hit is coming

A Caribbean water park will open in Europe.  A holiday hit is coming

A water park will soon open in Europe, located just two hours away from Poland. It is called “Caribbean” and has a chance to become a real holiday hit.

Amusement parks are very popular, especially among families with children and groups of friends. Some time ago, we offered you a list of the TOP 3 parks located by the sea. These places will make you have a nice and interesting time if you plan to go to the Baltic Sea this holiday season.

If you are planning a further trip, be sure to check out the new water park that is being built in southern Europe. It is located only two hours by plane from Poland, and is an ideal solution for fans of water games and splashing.

A Caribbean water park opens in Europe

The European water park being built in Italy is being compared to the Caribbean one. There are slides, lagoons and a private beach – an environment that may resemble the one we encounter in the Atlantic Ocean between the Americas. The unique facility will reopen soon.

On its website, Cavour Water Park itself is even compared to the Caribbean, as its many attractions include open-air beaches and lagoons. It lies on the outskirts of Verona, Italy, and offers a range of attractions suitable for both children and adults. Both thrill seekers and those who want to relax will find something for themselves here.

Fan favorite attractions include slides like the Iceberg, a 6-lane multi-slope slide where friends and family can slide down at the same time and race against each other. There is also no shortage of objects that allow you to feel the thrill and slightly stronger impressions.

Unique attractions for the whole family

For younger children, there is Adventure Rock – a water playground with waterfalls, slides and even sand imported from Egypt to provide an authentic beach experience. More of this fine white sand can be found in Palm Beach, which provides a much more relaxing atmosphere for visitors and is one of the reasons why Cavour claims to be actually “The Caribbean in Verona”.

Guests can enjoy beach activities such as aqua aerobics, or simply relax with a drink at the Tiki Bar, which serves cocktails and soft drinks in the sun.

This is one of many dining options scattered throughout the park, offering snack bars, a Mediterranean restaurant and a sandwich stand.

For those who really want to relax, there are hydrotherapy pools, loungers suspended under palm trees and other luxurious amenities.

Entrance to the park is ticketed and the admission price starts from approximately PLN 80.

Visitors to the park have always been impressed by what it has to offer. This gives it an overall rating of 4.5/5 on Google.

“Beautiful water park! The water in the pool is not cold, there are pools for people of all ages, and the slides are amazing!”, “The water park is very nicely done and I would visit it again. Besides, it’s not too expensive,” write guests who have already been to this place.

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