Vladan Kovacevic could go to Spain. The established club took him in their sights

Vladan Kovacevic could go to Spain.  The established club took him in their sights

It seems that Vladan Kovacevic is becoming the object of desire for more and more clubs from much stronger leagues. According to the Spanish media, the goalkeeper of the Polish champions was targeted by Celta Vigo.

Vladan Kovacević may soon leave the Raków Częstochowa team. Such a scenario has been talked about for a long time, and with each subsequent week there are more and more people interested in its services. The goalkeeper of the Polish champions arouses great interest, because he did a great job both during Marek Papszun’s tenure and now, when Dawid Szwarga is in charge of Medaliki. As it turns out, Celta Vigo also targeted him.

Vladan Kovacevic targets Celta Vigo

Information on this subject can be found on the website relevo.com. From the article we learn that the summer in the team from Galicia is very busy for Luis Campos, who tries to meet the whims of the current coach, i.e. Rafa Benitez. He has already crossed out several names from the list of players he intends to bet on this season. As a result, reinforcements will also be needed.

Celta had previously communicated that she would like to close any transfers to the team before the start of the competition in the Primera Division, but it seems that it will be impossible. Especially since the activists from Vigo try to bring players to the team who will immediately enter the starting eleven and show quality. It was with this in mind that they rolled up their sleeves on Vladan Kovacević.

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