A traveler exposed fraudsters in Egypt. They lurk near the pyramids

A traveler exposed fraudsters in Egypt.  They lurk near the pyramids

Poles go to Egypt en masse, and they do it not only in the summer season, but also in the winter. Not everyone knows how the local scammers work. A traveler exposed their methods. These are the things you need to watch out for.

Egypt, although associated with high temperatures, iconic monuments and an interesting culture, is also full of dangers. Unaware tourists are mainly exposed to them. It happens that locals take advantage of their naivety, as noted by a famous traveler. He showed everything in a short video posted on YouTube.

A traveler exposes fraudsters in Egypt. That’s how they work

The man who shared some important tips on YouTube is Sam Mayfair. “This is advice for anyone traveling alone! I originally posted parts of this text in short form, but since many of you had many questions, I prepared a longer version. I hope you will find answers to all your questions,” he wrote under his video.

In the recording, he talks about the methods of scammers who can be found mainly under the pyramids in Egypt. He noted that travelers without guides are most often attacked. The locals try to convince them that they are taking the wrong path. They want to give their advice, which is really just to confuse tourists. In such a situation, it is worth ignoring their words.

Scammers try to take photos of tourists with the pyramids and then charge them excessive amounts of money. They also take advantage of the naivety of travelers who do not know that the way to the pyramid complex is straight and it is difficult to get lost here.

It doesn’t end with just one method. The traveler talks about the so-called whistle

In addition to the above-mentioned tricks, fraudsters in Egypt have other ways to target travelers. The so-called whistle method. The scammers try to attract tourists’ attention with sound and show with their hands a different route than the one leading to the pyramids. Unfortunately, many people still follow them rather than ignore these actions. In the end, it always ends with extortion for supposed help. The second way is to try to give gifts for the so-called success. These gifts are never free either.

Most importantly, Sam Mayfair revealed how to spot scammers. It turns out that they usually ride camels and wait near the monuments. They are mainly men who pretend to be very nice. They will give us compliments and offer to take a photo. In such a situation, you should say thank you and leave. You also need to be resistant to very intrusive attacks. Unfortunately, this type of fraudsters can be found in various parts of the world, for example in Sicily they offer tickets that are free and demand 5 euros. This proves that before traveling to a given place, it is always worth checking the warnings of experienced travelers.

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