A successful Polish coach has died. Hosted “Aniołek Matusiński”

A successful Polish coach has died.  Hosted "Aniołek Matusiński"

The Polish world of athletics has lost an important figure. At the age of 85, the tutor of many leading female athletes died on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Edward Motyl was famous for his work with female athletes. Under his leadership, one of the famous “Matusiński’s Angels” was honed.

Polish athletics has lost another figure. The community mourned the news of the death of Edward Motyl, a former Polish representative in cross-country and obstacle running, who, after ending his competitive career, worked as a trainer with great success for decades.

An outstanding Polish track and field coach has died

Edward Motyl was born in Myszków before the outbreak of the war. Afterwards, during his military service, he took up athletics seriously. He became a member of the legendary Wunderteam, appearing twice at the European Championships in the 3000 meters steeplechase. He settled permanently in Poznań and ended his career in 1969.

For decades, the former runner has proven himself as a trainer. He has worked with both sprinters and marathon runners. He supervised the preparations of the Olympic athletes, among others. Małgorzata Sobańska, Grażyna Syrek and Monika Drybulska. The first one mentioned is still the Polish record holder in the marathon. Motyl also took care of the teenage Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz-Zawadzka, who over time began to achieve junior successes, and then became the leading Polish 400-meter runner, being part of the so-called “Matusiński’s Angels”. The player posted an emotional entry on Instagram, in which she thanked him for the years of cooperation.

“Thanks to you, Coach (grandfather), I am who I am. It was you who showed me the right values ​​in life, taught me and led me to great successes. Thank you for being there. And I know you will always be with me. See you later in this better world,” wrote Wyciszkiewicz-Zawadzka.

Achievements of Edward Motyl

The butterfly has received many awards over the years, including: for the Distinguished Trainer of the Polish Athletics Association or for the best trainer in Poznań.

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