They wanted to take a selfie with the sea lions. This act of tourists could have ended tragically

They wanted to take a selfie with the sea lions.  This act of tourists could have ended tragically

Tourists staying at the seaside wanted to take a photo with sea lions. It was for this reason that they risked their lives. Their feat raises a lot of controversy.

Sea lions are beautiful animals. A species of predatory mammal from the sea lion family hypnotizes tourists from many corners of the world. Almost every lover of wild creatures dreams of having a photo with them, and it is not easy to do so. A group located in the north of the Pacific Ocean decided to take advantage of the opportunity. This could have ended very badly for them.

Tourists came dangerously close to sea lions

We learn about the irresponsible behavior of tourists through an Instagram post on the @touronsofnationalparks profile. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed that people get dangerously close to animals to take the perfect photo and criticized their behavior.

In the situation that the tourists found themselves in, the sea lions were resting on the beach. Tourists gathered right next to them, trying to capture the animals with their cameras. Not everyone was aware of the potential danger. One moment, a certain woman she came dangerously close to the sleeping lions. She crouched down and posed for a photo. After a while, the animals woke up, and the tourist managed to jump away at the last moment.

Irresponsible behavior of tourists. Experts warn

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you should maintain a distance of at least 50 to 100 meters from sea lions and other aquatic mammals. The tourists' behavior was assessed as very reprehensible, and the photos and messages published online were intended to warn other reckless daredevils.

Internet users who saw the travelers' recent behavior wrote about their experiences in an Instagram post. “My mom saw something similar. A German tourist kicked a walrus to take a photo of it. He got up and got six blows to his leg, over an inch in diameter,” she recalled. “What a bloody mess! They have absolutely zero respect,” added someone else. There is nothing left to do but hope that there will be as few similar incidents in the world as possible and that tourists will come to their senses.

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