He is 17 years old and has been living on trains for over a year. He turned his life into a great journey

He is 17 years old and has been living on trains for over a year.  He turned his life into a great journey

The young man is on the lips of many German media. Lasse Stolley is only 17 years old, but he has already found a unique way to live out of a suitcase. He has been traveling for over a year. He has a permanent job, but lives on trains.

Since remote work has become popular and even desirable, many people have started to lead the so-called nomads who perform their office duties while traveling. This type of solution allows you to combine business with pleasure and discover the world on an above-average scale. This is the style of functioning chosen by German citizen Lasse Stolley. Every day he lives on trains and travels the world.

A 17-year-old lives on trains. He has been traveling for over a year

This story is truly amazing and can inspire many people to change their lifestyle. 17-year-old Lasse did everything to devote himself to traveling without having to give up his job and access to a permanent source of income. The teenager got a job as a programmer in an IT start-up. Although he is young, he is doing great and can perform his tasks from anywhere with Internet access.

Theoretically, the teenager could live anywhere, but he decided that trains would be his home now. He bought an annual ticket, which allows for unlimited travel around Germany, and has been touring the entire country for eighteen months. Seems impossible? It turns out it's simpler than we think. All you need is a bit of perseverance and good organization.

The life of a traveler on a train. This is what it looks like

Every day of a 17-year-old is completely different, although based on a similar pattern of activities. Lasse spends most of his time in the carriage in the company of other travelers and staff. He covers approximately 900 km every day. The man says it's very convenient, especially since he mainly uses first class. He revealed in foreign media that this lifestyle costs him PLN 3,500 a month. zloty.

Minimalism is important in the traveling lifestyle. The boy has only the most necessary things with him and only sometimes eats out. He uses free Internet on the train and takes care of his hygiene thanks to public baths. It is known that this adventure is only the beginning – Lasse also plans to travel through 33 European countries, which he intends to do thanks to an international Interrail ticket.

The actions of the 17-year-old can be admired, among others, on his Instagram account called @lassestolley. There he shares photos from his stay in many German cities. In addition, she runs a blog called “Leben-im-zug” – it means nothing else than “Life on a Train”.

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