How senior women transfer their assets to Father Rydzyk's foundation. Land in exchange for a funeral

How senior women transfer their assets to Father Rydzyk's foundation.  Land in exchange for a funeral

When Father Tadeusz Rydzyk appealed for further donations for the activities of the Lux Veritatis foundation, Radio Maryja listeners did not just transfer money. Entire properties were assigned to the Father Director's works.

The assets of the Lux Veritatis foundation and people associated with Father Tadeusz Rydzyk have increased over the years not only with donations made by believers or “cars from a homeless person”, but also with real estate throughout the country, which we reveal in “Wprost” this week. Father Director benefited from the favor of the authorities and the generosity of the listeners.

Land in exchange for food, fuel and funeral

And so, in 2009, the foundation took over approximately 26 ares of agricultural land and forest in Kazimierz Dolny from 83-year-old Mrs. Krystyna. The plot, on which the house is also located, is located on the outskirts of the city, on the picturesque Vistula escarpment. The land and mortgage register of the property states that the Lux Veritatis Foundation purchases the property from an 83-year-old woman, but has certain obligations towards her. He must accept her as a member of his household, provide her with food, clothing, light and fuel, provide her with appropriate assistance and care for her when she is sick, and arrange for her to have a funeral in accordance with local customs at his own expense.

Neighbors say that a dozen or so years later they stopped seeing Mrs. Krystyna. There is also an entry in the land and mortgage register that the woman died in April 2022. As local residents recall, in the fall a banner was hung on the fence announcing that the house was for sale. According to the owner of one of the neighboring guesthouses, the telephone number belonged to “a company related to Father Rydzyk.” However, the banner disappeared, the property remained in the hands of Lux Veritatis, and nothing is happening on its premises. The old house is falling into disrepair, the yard is overgrown with bushes, the neighbors haven't heard about any of the owner's plans.

We hear from local entrepreneurs that such land in Kazimierz Dolny is worth a fortune. Especially since buying a plot in this area is almost impossible.

Earlier, Father Rydzyk had already sold one of the apartments given to him by a faithful listener. In 2008, 84-year-old Mrs. Irena gave the Lux Veritatis Foundation an 84-square-meter apartment in one of the housing estates in Wrocław. Father Rydzyk sold the property in 2015. However, this is not the only property that Lux Veritatis owns in the capital of Lower Silesia. Father Rydzyk's small empire was established at Wiwulskiego Street, where the Wrocław branch of the foundation and a bookstore are located. As “Gazeta Wyborcza” already described in 2002, one of the properties located near the Redemptorist monastery in Wrocław was donated to Lux Veritatis by another of Father Rydzyk's foundations, the Nasza Przyszłość foundation. However, the entries in the land and mortgage register show that two more properties at Wiwulskiego Street were purchased by the Lux Veritatis foundation from the city

Additionally, in 2016, 74-year-old Mrs. Halina gave a 35-square-meter apartment in Lublin to the Director's Father's foundation.

The Redemptorists also took over apartments in luxurious residences built by Lidia Kochanowicz-Mańk, the foundation's financial director.

These are three residences located in one of the most prestigious locations in Warsaw. Politicians associated with Law and Justice also bought apartments there. We write about this in the full version of the report about the previously undescribed wealth of the Director's Father's people.

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