Dawid Kubacki’s disaster. The Pole found the main reason for the poor performance

Dawid Kubacki's disaster.  The Pole found the main reason for the poor performance

Dawid Kubacki did not advance to the Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck. For the first time in his career, he failed in the qualifications for this prestigious event. The 33-year-old already knows what could have influenced it.

After poor performances in the competitions in Oberstdorf (27th place) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (33rd place), Dawid Kubacki did even worse in Innsbruck, where he did not even make it through the qualifications. He took 52nd place after a jump of 108.5 meters. Just a year ago he won the competition on Bergisel, and now he won’t even be able to take part in it.

Kubacki indicated the main cause of the defeat

Although Kubacki has not impressed since the beginning of the season, nothing foreshadowed a disaster in the most important part of the day. In the second training session he measured 123.5 meters, which gave him 7th place.

After the unsuccessful qualifications, the jumper talked to media representatives. He admitted that, in his opinion, bad weather conditions were mainly responsible for the disastrous jump.

– I think I mostly lost to the wind. Under different conditions it would have looked completely different. Of course, the jump was not great and I will also see some mistakes there, but in such conditions, where there was a strong rear draft behind the boule, the mistakes are compounded – emphasized Kubacki, quoted by sport.tvp.pl.

One of the leaders of the Polish team did not hide his anger after the unsuccessful qualifications. However, he does not see any major differences between the jumps from training and qualifying.

– This training jump was quite okay, but not great. I think that if we compare it on the camera, it will be similar to the one I showed in qualifying. There was something holding me at the bottom, there was speed, so then I flew away – he admitted. – Something like this always hurts. Even when he starts to get a little better, he gets hit by the wind – he added.

A huge regression compared to the previous season

At times it’s hard to believe the difference in Dawid Kubacki’s level compared to the previous season. Then he took a place just behind the podium in the general World Cup classification, and currently he is in 25th position in the general classification. So far he has only accumulated 68 points.

As for the Four Hills Tournament, in the previous edition the Pole took 2nd place, losing only to Halvor Egner Granerud. Not only did Kubacki win the competition in Innsbruck, but he also finished on the podium in the other three competitions.

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