A new thread in the visa scandal. The wife of an important PiS politician took part in it?

A new thread in the visa scandal.  The wife of an important PiS politician took part in it?

The wife of one of the prominent PiS politicians was allegedly behind the offer to “outbid” Edgar Kobas in the visa scandal.

The head of the investigative commission into the visa scandal, Michał Szczerba, said that a new thread had emerged in the case. According to him, the investigative committee is in possession of documents which show that “there were corruption proposals involving outbidding Edgar Kobos for visa arrangements.”

Visa scandal. New thread regarding the wife of a PiS politician

– The wife of one of the prominent PiS politicians, who was one of Jarosław Kaczyński's closest associates, was supposed to be behind such an offer – Szczerba said on TVP Info. He added that he could not reveal any names for now.

Edgar Kobos was questioned by the investigative commission on February 26.

– The political leadership of the United Right tried to cover up the visa scandal because they were the only group that could benefit the most from it – he said then.

He added that today “it will probably be difficult to find an active politician who will admit to collaborating with or knowing him.” –Despite this, there is no doubt that for many years I was a party man, a typical political alumnus of the United Right camp, a youth whose agency actually ended where the agency of his political patrons reached, he confessed.

The visa scandal was publicized by the media last summer. Representatives of the Polish authorities allegedly allowed visas to be issued to foreigners in exchange for high fees, without inspection. Therefore, in December 2023, an investigative committee was established in the Sejm. The prosecutor's office is also investigating the case.

On January 17, 2024, the prosecutor's office announced the arrest and charges against the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piotr Wawrzyk, in connection with the visa scandal. In an interview with the Goniec.pl portal, he argued that at no stage of his cooperation with Edgar Kobos was he aware of the bribes received by the hero of the visa scandal.

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