Morawiecki attacks a TVN journalist in Brussels. “Mr. Editor, aren’t you ashamed?”

Morawiecki attacks a TVN journalist in Brussels.  "Mr. Editor, aren't you ashamed?"

Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the meeting of the European Council in Brussels. After the summit, he appeared at a press conference and answered questions. – Mr. Editor, aren’t you ashamed? – he asked the TVN journalist.

On October 26-27, a meeting of the European Council devoted to security and conflicts in the Middle East was held in Brussels. Mateusz Morawiecki appeared at the summit and summarized the arrangements made so far during a press conference on Friday.

Prime Minister at the conference in Brussels

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the changes in the approach of European Union member states to migration policy and criticized the qualified majority procedure. After Morawiecki’s speech, the event organizers invited journalists who could ask him questions.

A TVN representative asked the head of government how many Law and Justice MPs were in the Sejm. The politician talked about the party’s plans to acquire coalition partners and said that the Civic Coalition’s allies will turn away from Donald Tusk when they realize that their program is “one big fraud.” After listening to Morawiecki’s answer, the journalist asked the same question again, emphasizing that PiS is talking about the majority and that it has 194 deputies in the Sejm.

Mateusz Morawiecki attacks TVN

Asked not to impose a narrative on his editorial office, he asked about the budget deficit. – For what reason, what happened to make this deficit 100 billion higher than planned? – he asked the Prime Minister. – See how TVN is incredibly capable of manipulating facts – replied Morawiecki. He emphasized that the budget deficit and the so-called public finance deficit are different concepts, which the TVN editorial team should be aware of.

– Mr. Editor, aren’t you ashamed? Do you distinguish between these two concepts? But please tell me honestly: can you tell whether you have been manipulated? – continued the head of government. He emphasized that when he discussed in detail the state of public finances, TVN journalists present at the event did not ask him any questions.

He also assured that Poland is a country with one of the highest macroeconomic stability, which is confirmed by the documents of “an institution that does not particularly try to favor our government”, i.e. the European Commission. He also revealed that the budget deficit may turn out to be lower than assumed in the amendment. – They won’t show it to you on Onet, TVN or Wirtualna Polska, and everything can be checked very well – concluded the Prime Minister.

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