A former PiS senator dragged a dog behind a car and was convicted. The police are looking for him

A former PiS senator dragged a dog behind a car and was convicted.  The police are looking for him

Former senator Waldemar Bonkowski is wanted by the police in connection with a court order to arrest him and take him to prison. The politician was convicted of abusing a dog with particular cruelty.

On April 19, 2024, a final judgment was passed in the case of a former PiS senator who, three years earlier, dragged a dog tied to a towbar behind his car. It was recorded by the camera of the driver behind him.

The animal did not survive being dragged on the road. The autopsy showed that the dog suffered injuries to internal organs resulting in cardiorespiratory failure. The former senator of Law and Justice pleaded not guilty from the beginning. He explained that he was “walking the dog home.”

The District Court in Gdańsk sentenced Waldemar Bonkowski to three months of absolute imprisonment and one year of restriction of liberty in the form of community service.

Waldemar Bonkowski convicted, but not serving a prison sentence

He also submitted a request to suspend the execution of the sentence, which was not granted by the court. Radio Gdańsk learned that on May 8, police officers in Kościerzyna received a court order to arrest Waldemar Bonkowski and take him to prison. The former PiS senator has been elusive to the police for some time.

The reporter called the politician, who answered the phone and said that he had not run away. However, he admitted that he was not at home. In response to the comment that the police did not find him at home, he admitted that “it could have been.” – Apparently I wasn’t home. Now I’m gone too; I’m in a sanatorium, he said.

On July 5, the court is to consider Bonkowski’s second application to replace the prison with electronic monitoring. On that day, the former senator must appear in court. For now, he is formally wanted.

In February 2018, after a series of anti-Semitic posts on social media, a PiS senator was suspended as a party member and remained an unaffiliated senator. In 2019, he was expelled from the party.

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