Withdrawal form. Most Poles have returned their purchases online more than once

Withdrawal form.  Most Poles have returned their purchases online more than once

This is a problem for entrepreneurs, but also a sacred right of buyers in online stores: you can return any product purchased remotely without giving a reason. Data from Santander Consumer Bank show that more than half of online shoppers have returned an ordered product more than once.

Almost 60 percent Poles shopping online have returned a product ordered online more than once. This was most often indicated by people aged 40-49 and earning more than PLN 5,000. up to 6.9 thousand PLN net or 7 thousand PLN on hand and more (50% in all three cases) – according to the study “Poles’ Own Wallet: e-commerce trends 2023”, which was prepared on behalf of Santander Consumer Bank.

You can return a product purchased online

In turn, 12 percent Poles shopping online returned a product purchased online only once.

– What may surprise some, many Poles shopping online have not yet had a situation in which they decided to return a product ordered in an online store. 23% responded this way. respondents – comments Ewelina Krzynowy-Gaweł, Director of Online Sales at Santander Consumer Bank.

This group includes mainly seniors and men with primary education.

Why do we return purchases made online?

The most common reason for returning goods is the wrong size or dimensions (64%). Every fourth respondent from this group mentioned the unsatisfactory quality of the ordered item (28%). A similar percentage indicated product damage (27%).

21 and 18 percent, respectively. respondents from this group returned a product purchased online because its appearance differed from what could be seen on the store’s website or was inconsistent with the description. Moreover, when asked about the reason for returning the goods, respondents indicated that its performance was different from what was expected (15%) or that the purchase was ill-considered (11%).

How to return a product purchased online?

The consumer has the right to withdraw from a distance contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. He does not have to provide a reason for withdrawal. It may be a decision based on completely subjective reasons: he didn’t like the color, he decided that he didn’t need this thing after all…

The consumer must submit an appropriate declaration to return unwanted goods. Most often, sellers have a ready-made form, which is often attached to purchases or sent electronically. In the latter case, the seller should confirm receipt of the declaration from the buyer.

This is a convenient right because it gives you the opportunity to consider keeping the purchase after paying for it. It’s easy to get used to this convenience and forget that it only applies to purchases made remotely (via e-mail, in an online store, sales from a mail-order catalog). This privilege does not apply in stationary stores, so you cannot demand that the store accept pants, books or equipment that the buyer no longer likes. Another thing is that, in order to encourage customers to make purchases, more and more stores – primarily retail chains – have introduced the right to freely withdraw from the purchase provided that the product is returned undamaged. However, it is only a matter of the store’s good will, so if you are not sure whether you want to make a purchase – and want to give yourself time to think – you should ask the seller or check on the website whether returns are accepted.

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