Apartments in Wrocław are becoming more and more expensive. “The price is yet to come”

Apartments in Wrocław are becoming more and more expensive.  "The price is yet to come"

Real estate prices in the largest Polish agglomerations have soared again. Experts fear that this is not the end of the rising prices on the real estate market. The spiral of increases was fueled by interest rate cuts and enormous interest in the government’s borrower support program.

“There have never been such high housing prices in Wrocław before,” Internet users complain on social media. Many of them admit that they wanted to buy their dream apartment this year, but the amounts they have to pay per square meter change from month to month. “At this rate, we will never save money, even for our own contribution. In this industry, prices are yet to come. You will have to rent again and pay someone for years,” they write.

Apartments in Wrocław. Prices skyrocketed

Real estate market experts speak in a similar tone. – The real estate market in Polish agglomerations is a hotly debated topic. Apartment prices, both on the primary and secondary markets, are constantly evolving, which makes the decision to buy an apartment more and more complex. – says Paweł Podgórski, Lendi loan expert, in an interview with

A report prepared by Expander and shows that apartment prices in the largest Polish agglomerations skyrocketed in August. The authors of the study emphasize that in most cities they reached record rates. To the surprise of many customers, apartment prices in some cities have already approached PLN 15,000. PLN per square meter, and such payment was previously reserved only for Warsaw.

Real estate in Lower Silesia. Wrocław is another city with high prices

Higher prices are the result of both the reduction in interest rates, which improved their availability, and the enormous interest in the government’s “Safe 2% Credit” program. The very announcement of the introduction of state support for borrowers has significantly increased customer interest in apartments.

The editorial team conducted a thorough analysis of the real estate market. We checked apartment prices in the largest Polish cities and regions. After Warsaw, Krakow, the Upper Silesian agglomeration and the Tricity, it’s time for Wrocław.

The capital of Lower Silesia is another city where real estate prices are constantly rising. The estimated price for Wrocław has increased by 11.46% since the beginning of the year. The data shows that the average price per square meter on the primary market is currently approximately PLN 12,840. It is cheaper on the secondary market, where for an apartment with the so-called second-hand you have to pay an average of PLN 11,820 per square meter.

Higher apartment prices in Wrocław. There are more sales offers

Higher apartment prices meant that the number of available real estate offers on the market increased by 14.68% in September. compared to the previous month. According to a report prepared by the SonarHome agency, the most expensive housing estate in Wrocław is the Old Town. In the Old Town, apartments are 14.25 percent cheaper. more expensive than the average for the entire city. The next places were taken by the Szczepin and Tarnogaj housing estates, where the prices per square meter of apartments in these areas were higher than the average price in Wrocław, from PLN 1.1 to PLN 1.4 thousand. zloty.

The cheapest real estate in Wrocław can be purchased in the Świniary housing estate. The average price per square meter of an apartment in this area is PLN 7,071. Apartments in the Kuźniki estate can be purchased well below the average for the entire city. Prices there are PLN 8,556 per square meter. The cheaper districts of Wrocław also include the Osobowice – Rędzin estate, where a square meter of apartment costs PLN 8,863.

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