Zbigniew Ziobro attacks Onet. “Goebbels could learn from them”

Zbigniew Ziobro attacks Onet.  "Goebbels could learn from them"

Zbigniew Ziobro referred to new tapes published in connection with the investigation into suspected irregularities in the use of public funds by the Justice Fund. “Pseudo scandal” – comments the leader of Sovereign Poland.

Last Wednesday, former director of the Justice Fund Department, Tomasz Mraz, spoke at a meeting of the PiS parliamentary team for settlements, led by Roman Giertych, about alleged irregularities in the allocation of funds from the Fund. Mraz recorded the management of the Ministry of Justice under Zbigniew Ziobro for almost two years and handed over about 50 hours of recordings to the prosecutor's office.

Millions for the hospital operating the “first knee of the Republic of Poland”

In recent days, further tapes have begun to leak to the media. On Monday, Onet published a recording of funds transferred to the hospital where Jarosław Kaczyński was treated. Over five years, a total of almost PLN 18.5 million was transferred to the hospital. Mraz also talked about this topic earlier.

– There was one situation that was particularly memorable to me. It was a contract for one and a half or two million, and Minister Romanowski told me that there was an order to conclude such an agreement. An application was supposed to come to us, we were supposed to prepare a contract, and then he added: “the first knee of the Republic of Poland” needs to be operated on, said the former official at a meeting of the parliamentary team.

This topic was to come up during a meeting between former Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski and former ministry officials dealing with the Justice Fund. The conversation, the recording of which was obtained by Onet, was to take place in mid-February 2024, and one of the threads was to be a discussion on how to answer hypothetically inconvenient questions about the fund in case a parliamentary investigative commission on this matter was established.

Ziobro supports the publication of new tapes: “Pseudoafera”

The leader of Sovereign Poland, Zbigniew Ziobro, commented on Monday's disclosure of Onet's materials and information on the X portal.

“Onet willingly took money from the Justice Fund. Today he is making a pseudo-scandal that a highly specialized orthopedic hospital in Otwock also received money. With these funds, the hospital purchased state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for children and world-class medical robots. Thanks to them, patients from central Poland can count on having limbs cut off in accidents reattached. So far, this has not been possible in this part of the country. With its donations, the Fund saved thousands of victims from severe disability,” wrote the former Minister of Justice. “Onet's propagandists are now manipulating, writing that the subsidies were related to Jarosław Kaczyński's operation. Goebbels could learn from them,” he added.

Zbigniew Ziobro took a stand for the first time in response to the accusations on Monday. He also attacked Donald Tusk on Portal X, writing about the “real Sopranos”.

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