Nitras about the “mother of triumph”. “I see such a person around Trzaskowski and Tusk”

"No" to the demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Warsaw.  This is how Rafał Trzaskowski explains it

– Before Rafał, first the Warsaw battle – said Sławomir Nitras on Radio Zet. In this way, the KO politician responded to the question about Rafał Trzaskowski’s possible participation in the presidential elections.

Sławomir Nitras was a guest on Tuesday’s edition of the “Guest of Radio Zet” program. In addition to topics related to current politics, the topic also covered the presidential elections that will take place in 2025. The list of names that may compete for this function includes, among others, the mayor of Warsaw. If the speculations were confirmed and Rafał Trzaskowski ran in the presidential elections, would Sławomir Nitras become his chief of staff?

– It doesn’t really matter who will be the chief of staff. Let me remind you: before Rafał, first the Warsaw battle. He must renew his mandate in Warsaw. This is the most important thing for him today – the Civic Coalition MP replied evasively.

Hołownia a rival for Trzaskowski? Nitras: I don’t want to get into such speculations

Later in the program, Sławomir Nitras was asked whether Szymon Hołownia would be a dangerous rival for Rafał Trzaskowski in the presidential elections. – I don’t want to get into such speculations. However, I think… Maybe I won’t say it out loud, but today, surrounded by Rafał Trzaskowski and Donald Tusk, I see a person who was even a mother, one might even say, of a triumph. I think she should continue mothering us, said a member of parliament from the Civic Coalition, without giving his name.

Let us remind you that in the latest survey conducted for, respondents assessed the way in which the Marshal of the Sejm conducts the proceedings. 57.6 percent respondents positively evaluate the actions of the speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament, and 20.2 percent tested negatively. 12.7% have no opinion on this matter. respondents, and 9.5 percent admits that he does not observe the proceedings of the lower house of the Polish parliament.

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