Without clicking on the link there will be no 800+? Text messages and e-mails from fraudsters were sent to parents

Without clicking on the link there will be no 800+?  Text messages and e-mails from fraudsters were sent to parents

Parents of children up to 18 years of age have already received an educational benefit of PLN 800. They did not have to submit any application for this purpose. Despite this, fraudsters send e-mails and text messages encouraging people to click on a link. You must not do this.

At the beginning of the year, the parental benefit, commonly known as 500+, increased to PLN 800. The increase was automatic and parents do not have to submit any applications in this matter: the new benefit amount for January and February has already appeared on their accounts. However, fraudsters would not be themselves if they did not take advantage of the loudly announced change and flood Poles with e-mails and text messages asking them to click on the link, which, they claim, will be a condition for paying the benefit in the new amount. They lie that failure to take action will result in ZUS paying only PLN 500.

Fraud for 800+

However, this link – as well as other suspicious ones – should not be clicked. They can be very dangerous and lead to infecting a laptop or phone, so that fraudsters gain access to online banking and withdraw money from the account.

“If it is necessary to carry out an investigation procedure in the 800+ case, ZUS only sends e-mails and text messages with information about the publication of the request on the PUE ZUS portal. There are no links to click in these messages,” the office informs.

To contact the office, use PUE ZUS, the mZUS mobile application, the Emp@tia portal and online banking. Using them, you can submit applications for payment of benefits in the next period and make changes, e.g. regarding the account number to which the money is to be transferred.

Who is 800+ for?

Since the beginning of the Family 500+ program until November 2023, the benefit has been provided to almost 7 million children, and families have received support in the amount of nearly PLN 255 billion.

Parental benefit is payable for a child until the child turns 18:

  • mother or father;

  • the actual guardian of the child (i.e. the person actually caring for the child who has submitted an application to the guardianship court for the adoption of the child);
    – if the child lives together and is supported by the mother or father/actual guardian;

  • the child’s legal guardian;

  • foster family;

  • a person running a family children’s home;

  • director of a social welfare home.

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