Hennig-Kloska: officials have finished working on proposals regarding electricity prices

Hennig-Kloska: officials have finished working on proposals regarding electricity prices

The team at the Ministry of Climate has completed work on proposals regarding energy prices. At the end of June, the shield freezing them will cease to apply. Minister Hennnig-Kloska promises that there will be no sudden increase, but rather a gradual departure from freezing.

Inter-ministerial consultations on energy prices in the second half of the year will be held on Thursday, said Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment, on TVP Info.

What next with electricity prices?

She added that the ministry she headed had completed the internal stage of work in this regard.

– We are looking for solutions. Firstly, prices on the market are falling because the so-called CO emissions fees2 from energy produced from coal, so there is room to further reduce the prices of the so-called energy tariffs, we will also talk about it tomorrow at the ministry, we are meeting with all important ministries, Minister Domański is coming, who is key from the point of view of the budget, said Hennig-Kloska.

The minister informed that now it was time to make arrangements at the government level. – We have various solutions, including those to further freeze prices and gradually exit these frozen prices so that it is acceptable for the economy and citizens. For example, by raising prices by 15%. in the second half of the year, which would be affordable for households, she added.

The minister has already said that she would like to gradually abandon frozen prices in order to avoid a “shock effect” in the form of a sudden price increase. She also emphasized that the solution developed should include protection for the poorest households.

Energy prices. A protective package for the poorest

– There must be a protection program for the poorest people. We already have solutions in the system, energy allowances that can be permanently implemented systematically, they are distributed by municipalities, if we had additional funds for this, the catalog of subsidies could be expanded, vouchers are also possible. We have different options here, she said.

Let us recall that the freezing of electricity prices at the 2022 price level has been extended until June 30, 2024.

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