Wisła Kraków advanced to the European cups. These are potential rivals

Wisła Kraków advanced to the European cups.  These are potential rivals

By winning the Polish Cup, Wisła Kraków secured a large financial injection and the opportunity to play in European cups. Currently, this is what the White Star's potential rivals look like.

Wisła Kraków quite unexpectedly won in the Polish Cup final against the higher ranked Pogoń Szczecin. Albert Rude's players took the game to overtime, scoring the equalizing goal in the 9th minute of added time. In it, thanks to Angel Rodado, they struck a decisive blow. Borges made a huge mistake by actually assisting the opponent's striker.

Polish Cup: Wisła Kraków will receive a huge cash injection

The White Star players play in the second level of the competition (1st league) and are still not guaranteed promotion to the Ekstraklasa. Interestingly, Wisła is not the first team to win the Polish Cup without playing in the elite. Previously, such a situation occurred in the 1991/1992 season. Then Miedź Legnica defeated Górnik Zabrze after penalties. In turn, in the 1995/96 campaign, second-league Ruch Chorzów (which was sure of promotion to the elite) defeated GKS Bełchatów 1-0.

Wisła Kraków, which had financial problems, will receive a large injection of money for winning the 2023/2024 Polish Cup. For this triumph, the White Star received as much as PLN 5 million, which will allow them to breathe easier.

Wisła Kraków will play in the European Cup qualifiers

Moreover, if the club receives a license, it will participate in the 2024/2025 Europa League qualifiers. Jan Sikorski analyzed the current situation on the rankingefa.pl website and the current opponents of the Krakow club in the first round would be:

  • IF Elfsborg (Sweden)

  • ASC Otelul Gałacz (Romania)

  • Sumqayit FK (Azerbaijan)

  • Saint Patrick's Athletic FC (Ireland)

  • MFK Ružomberok (Slovakia)

  • NK Rogaska (Slovenia)

  • Zimbru Chisinau (Moldova)

  • KF Llapi Podujevo (Kosovo)

  • Tampereen Ilves (Finland)

Interestingly, Wisła Kraków would be among the seeded clubs. However, the situation may still change. It all depends on the final results in other leagues, such as the Bulgarian or Cypriot league.

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