Kamil Stoch’s eloquent reaction. He struggles with one problem

Kamil Stoch's eloquent reaction.  He struggles with one problem

Kamil Stoch decided to comment on Thomas Thurnbichler’s decision regarding the upcoming competitions in Lake Placid. – It won’t be easy – says the jumper.

Kamil Stoch has been able to cope with the crisis several times in his career, but this season he is unable to reach the high level to which he has accustomed us. Even when it seemed that he was slowly catching wind, he later returned to the starting point. So he referred to this thread in his comment regarding Thomas Thurnbichler’s decision.

We’ve seen this pattern several times. After a not-so-successful start, the leader of our team gradually rose, and finally took 11th place in Innsbruck. Later he had problems again to take 17th place in Zakopane. Recently in Willingen it was worse again – first, not advancing to the second series, 43rd place, and then 27th in Sunday’s competition.

What is Kamil Stoch’s problem?

Therefore, it was wondered whether Stoch and other leaders would be included in the team for the competition in Lake Placid. Some people advised Thurnbichler to let our stars skip the start in the USA and train in peace before the rest of the season. Ultimately, the Austrian made a different decision, which the 36-year-old referred to in an interview with skijumping.pl.

The ski jumper’s comment was telling. – This will be my debut in the USA. From a sporting point of view, it won’t be an easy weekend for me, but in terms of atmosphere, it will definitely be nice, he said. He thinks so because last season, a lot of Poles living in the United States gathered in the stands, so our compatriots could count on great support.

Additionally, Stoch also referred to his current problems. He revealed that he has some problems on the runway and it is difficult for him to eliminate them. That’s why he did so poorly on Saturday, when he didn’t advance to the second round. Then he worked on this element and thanks to it he performed a little better on Sunday. Despite everything, he was not satisfied with what he presented.

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