“Electric lions” on the streets of Zamość. The city has just received 14 electric buses

"Electric lions" on the streets of Zamość.  The city has just received 14 electric buses

At the beginning of December, the Municipal Transport Company in Zamość received 14 electric buses delivered by MAN Truck & Bus Polska. Among them, the 18-meter Lion’s City 18 E equipped with two engines and batteries with a capacity of 480 kWh.

We recently reported that Wałcz purchased eight Yutong electric buses. The contract for their supply also includes charging infrastructure. This time we bring you news about a new electric rolling stock in Zamość. As part of the “Green Public Transport” priority program, Zamość purchased 14 MAN Lion’s City E buses. The vehicles were handed over on December 1, 2023.

Replacing the MZK rolling stock is one of the main investment goals of the Zamość local government, as it is expected to bring measurable social and economic, but also ecological benefits. For this historic city of over 60,000 inhabitants, whose old town was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992, care for the climate and environment is one of the determinants of action towards sustainable development. – said Andrzej Wnuk, president of Zamość.

Electric buses in Zamość – 12- and 18-meter models

Zamość ordered a total of 14 new buses, including 10 Lion’s City 12 E buses, 12 m long, and 4 Lion’s City 18 E articulated buses, 18 m long. The twelve-meter Lion’s City 12 E models are powered by an electric motor placed longitudinally behind the drive axle with a rated power of 160 kW, and the energy is stored in large batteries with a capacity of 400 kWh. In turn, the electric heart of the eighteen-meter Lion’s City 18 E articulated vehicle is two central engines on the second and third axles, which significantly improves driving properties. The energy to power them comes from 480 kWh batteries located on the roof of the vehicle. All electric buses ordered by MZK Zamość from MAN are adapted to transport people with limited mobility.

Electric buses in Zamość – 14 charging points

Additionally, seven two-station stations for charging vehicles were built at the MZA depot in Zamość, provided by the Polish company Medcom. The total cost of the project amounted to over PLN 46 million, of which eligible costs amounted to PLN 37.6 million and the subsidy from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management – ​​over PLN 29 million.

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