The Polish representative spoke about the conflict with Malwina Smarzek. It couldn’t be brighter

The Polish representative spoke about the conflict with Malwina Smarzek.  It couldn't be brighter

The absence of Malwina Smarzek in the Polish national team has always aroused great controversy, but it is the same when the attacker is with the rest of the team. It was even said that she had a conflict with another volleyball player. How is it really? This was explained by the person concerned herself.

Malwina Smarzek’s adventure with the Polish national team is not a bed of roses, especially during the term of office of Stefano Lavarini. There are many ambiguities around the player from Łask, which she does not explain herself – especially since she rarely appears in the media. As a result, some rumors have a life of their own, such as her alleged conflict with another volleyball player.

Do Malwina Smarzek and Magdalena Stysiak have a conflict?

Among other things, Magdalena Stysiak commented on this topic in “Wprost”. The young attacker admitted that there is no bad blood between her and Smarzek and she does not understand where this topic came from. “I get on very well with her.” I don’t know why people think there’s a conflict between us. I have a very good relationship with her – said the 23-year-old.

The Polish representative also reminded that she had often repeated that it was a favorable situation for our team when the selector could choose from a larger group of talented and experienced players. Smarzek is one of them, although it has not been verified at the representative level for a long time. She lost all last summer, and she missed the League of Nations this time, and there’s no telling what’s next.

Uncertain situation of Malwina Smarzek

The attacking VBC Trasporti Pesanti Casalmaggiore was admittedly in the squad for the training camp in Spała, although in the last sparring with Turkey she did not appear due to injury. How serious is it? It is not entirely known. She herself avoided talking to journalists. Stefano Lavarini only mentioned that it was an overuse injury. But does this mean that Smarzek will go to the European Championships, which will start on August 15? Not necessarily.

It seems that Stysiak would like that, since in an interview with “Wprost” she argued that greater competition is something that drives development. “The more solid candidates, the better. Then there is the matter of internal competition for a place in the squad. If we want to win at the biggest events, we need every top player – she concluded.

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