When is the 13th retirement? ZUS provides the date

When is the 13th retirement?  ZUS provides the date

ZUS will pay the first “thirteenth” payments to retirees and disability pensioners before Easter. How much will it be this year?

“The Social Insurance Institution is preparing to pay the thirteenth pensions. The first deadline is April 1, i.e. Bank Holiday Monday. This means that the first thirteen will go to retirees and pensioners before Easter,” Paweł Żebrowski, spokesman for the Social Insurance Institution, told PAP.

The remaining transfers will be made on the pension payment dates in April.

Who is the 13th pension for?

The “thirteen” pension was paid for the first time in 2019. This additional benefit is for people:

  • entitled to receive a retirement or disability pension,

  • recipients of training, social and family pensions,

  • recipients of special benefits, such as supplementary parental benefit or teacher's compensation benefit.

“Thirteen” is paid in the amount of the lowest pension. In 2024, this amount is PLN 1,780.96 gross. The payment is automatic, there is no need to submit any application.

Indexation of pensions and pensions from March

On March 1, another indexation of pensions and annuities took place. It was carried out ex officio – you do not need to submit any application. Benefits will now increase by 12.12%.

Long-term benefits are subject to indexation in ZUS, including: pensions, disability benefits, survivors' and social benefits, teachers' compensation benefits. It also includes additions to these benefits, e.g. care allowance or allowance for complete orphans, as well as pre-retirement benefits and allowances.

The benefit in the amount that was due at the end of February of a given year is multiplied by the indexation index. It depends on the average annual inflation for the households of retirees and pensioners for the previous year increased by at least 20%. real increase in average salary. In March 2024, pensions and annuities will be increased in percentage terms. The final value of the indicator is 112.12%.

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