Froo is Romanian for “frog”. Don't be surprised to see a familiar sign

Froo is Romanian for "frog".  Don't be surprised to see a familiar sign

Żabka has an appetite for a new market – the first store under the Froo brand has just opened in Romania. This would not have been possible if, in December last year, the owner of Żabka had not acquired majority shares in one of the leading distributors of FMCG products to stores in Romania – DRIM Daniel Distributie.

Already last year, the chain announced that it was interested in markets in southern and western Europe. After taking over shares in DRIM Daniel Distributie (a large distributor supplying food and beverages to grocery stores), the owner of Żabka registered the company Froo Romania Retail SRL in Romania. Żabka also started the process of registering two trademarks at the local patent office – Froo and Froo Bistro. Poles walking around Bucharest can easily realize that they are passing a shop known from all Polish housing estates: the Froo Bistro sign closely resembles the Żabka Cafe sign.

Froo means “frog” in Romanian

Foreign expansion required the company to make organizational changes. A daughter company, Żabka International, was established to coordinate activities on foreign markets.

The company announced that in Froo stores over 80 percent The assortment includes well-known Romanian brands and international brands from Romanian suppliers. There will also be own brands, e.g. Tommy Bites sandwiches. All branches also have Froo Bistro, where you can order coffee and hot snacks.

– Romania is a significant market in Central and Eastern Europe, with a population of over 19 million inhabitants, making it the second largest consumer market in the region. A consumer profile similar to the Polish one and development prospects for the Romanian market made this direction a natural step in the expansion of the Żabka Group – said Anna Grabowska, president of Żabka International.

A few months ago, Romanian media reported that Żabka wants to open 200 Froo stores throughout Romania.

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