There is a Polish application for allergy sufferers. You can download it for free

There is a Polish application for allergy sufferers.  You can download it for free

Allergists from Opole have developed a Polish version of the application that helps in the control and treatment of chronic urticaria. The application is free.

Hives are nothing more than a small rash on the body. The Polish-language version of the free application for allergy sufferers focuses on controlling hives. It was developed by specialists from the University Clinical Hospital in Opole.

How does the allergy app work?

– CRUSE Control Urticaria is an application that helps patients and doctors assess the severity and control of chronic urticaria symptoms. By recording the symptoms of urticaria and its impact on the quality of life every day in just a few minutes, the patient gains the ability to control the course of the disease and helps the treating physician optimize treatment – explains Dr. Hab. n. med. Zenon Brzoza, prof. UO, head of the Department of Internal Diseases, Allergology, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Opole and the Sub-Department of Internal Diseases and Allergology of the Medical University of Silesia in Opole.

As he emphasizes, thanks to the application, the patient receives an excellent and easy-to-use tool for monitoring chronic urticaria. Co-authors of the Polish version of the application alongside prof. Zenon Brzoza is Dr. Łukasz Moos and Dr. Wojciech Żurek. The application is available completely free for mobile devices with iOS and Android.

What is hives?

Hives manifest themselves as a red, bubbly rash that resembles a nettle burn – hence its name. Hives appear as a result of the transfer of plasma from blood vessels to other parts of the skin. It is an allergic reaction that occurs after contact with an allergen. The cause of urticaria may be a food allergy, but also, for example, an allergy to the sun or medications.

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