Universities teach the use of ChatGPT. What does the future of education look like?

Universities teach the use of ChatGPT.  What does the future of education look like?

Universities are starting to offer the first ChatGPT courses. Employers are starting to be interested in the skills of good cooperation with the AI ​​tool, which was answered, among others, by university in Arizona.

Basic Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT is a new subject taught at Arizona State University. Unusual classes are the latest idea of ​​local lecturers, which is already popular with students.

An American university teaches ChatGPT

The originator of the new type of classes is Professor Andrew Maynard, a scientist from the interdisciplinary School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) unit at the University of Arizona.

According to the specialist, recent changes in the field of AI, the rapid growth of ChatGPT’s popularity and new employer requirements made the scholar decide to introduce a completely new course to the curriculum. Interestingly, Maynard commissioned the creation of the course outline … by ChatGPT himself.

“We reached a particular point where there was a lot of panic, but also interest in emergent AI tools. Things happened quite quickly – he recalls the circumstances of setting up the course.

The first experimental course started in April 2023. The learning objectives are clear – to show students effective ways to create commands in the ChatGPT system. Thanks to the right queries, the chatbot will consistently produce exactly the results that the user wants.

Employers are looking for prompt engineers – ChatGPT is included

As we wrote in Wprost.pl, generative AI like ChatemGPT even creates new jobs. “At InPost we are already looking for AI specialists. Probably the first in Poland,” Rafał Brzoska wrote on Twitter. The head of the Polish company clearly encourages the application for the latest InPost announcement, in which experts on the currently popular AI chatbots are sought.

The job offer concerns a relatively new position in the world of Prompt Engineer, i.e. in short, a person who creates appropriately accurate commands for generative artificial intelligence.

As InPost explains, the job is to “develop appropriate prompts that will allow models to generate valuable results and help us achieve business goals.” The candidate will also be responsible for testing the developed applications and training other company employees on the use of AI solutions.

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