WhatsApp got a key feature. The messenger is catching up with the competition

WhatsApp got a key feature.  The messenger is catching up with the competition

Mark Zuckerberg announced further news coming to WhatsApp. One of the new features during video calls seems particularly interesting. Thanks to it, we will be able to share information with others more easily.

Meta recently announced further features that will be added to the company’s flagship messenger – WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed that the long-awaited functionality is now available to the first users. What is it about?

WhatsApp with screen sharing function – a must-have during video conferencing

It all started with Zuckerberg’s posts on Facebook and Instagram. There, the CEO showed the new feature in action. This is a simple but extremely useful solution – screen sharing, i.e. sharing the screen with other participants in a voice or video call.

As it turns out, you can show your interlocutors not only the entire screen of your device, but also individual documents, photos, and even a virtual shopping cart. The new function is very simple to activate – you can find it under the Share button.

WhatsApp – when to share screen in the application?

The latest innovation means that WhatsApp is finally catching up with its numerous competitors, because it has similar functions, among others. Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, or Apple FaceTime. The sought-after communicator from the Meta group was therefore slightly left behind.

At the moment, however, not everyone has received the latest feature. The update is released in waves to subsequent subgroups of users using the application on Android and iOS mobile platforms and separately for PCs with Windows. Gradually, however, everyone should receive the latest news.

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