What is the situation in the Polish group? Table after the match against the Czech Republic in el. EURO 2024

What is the situation in the Polish group?  Table after the match against the Czech Republic in el.  EURO 2024

The Polish national team drew 1-1 with the Czech Republic in the last qualifying match for EURO 2024. Although the White and Reds must try their hand at the play-offs, other teams in Group E still have one match to play. Check the table after the match against our southern neighbors.

The Polish national team was preparing hard for the clash with the Czech Republic, because the fate of direct promotion to EURO 2024 depended on it. It was known that it was not the White and Reds who had the cards in their hand, but the Czechs. They would be satisfied with one triumph or two draws.

The Czechs or Moldovans can advance to EURO 2024

Ultimately, after a 1-1 draw, all they need to do is add another point in a few days and they will be happy, just like the Albanians after Friday’s match, of advancing to next year’s European Championships. In the case of Poland, the Nations League turned out to be an important advantage, thanks to which the White and Reds were guaranteed at least a place in the play-offs.

After a theoretically easy draw, it seemed that the lifebuoy would not be needed. The loss of points against Moldova in October changed the Poles’ prospects, and in the match against the Czech Republic at the National Stadium, they failed to score one more goal than their rivals. Although Michał Probierz’s players could enjoy the lead until the break, after the game was resumed in the second half, the rivals responded.

The Reds and Whites can kick themselves because even in this match they had a chance to get three points. Of course, this would not give them direct promotion, but it would certainly add confusion in the context of the last EURO 2024 Group E qualifying match between the Czech Republic and Moldova. The latter still count in the fight for direct promotion.

Poles’ table after the last match in group E el. EURO 2024

Sergei Kleshchenko’s players drew with Albania on Friday, which makes them one point behind the Poles and two points behind the Czechs. In the current situation, the fate of the second place will depend on the result of Monday’s match. A draw and a win for the Czechs advance them to the tournament in Germany. However, if the Moldovans win on foreign soil, they will make history and compete at the Old Continent championship for the first time.

EURO 2024 qualifying group E table

Place Representation: Matches: Goal balance: Points:
1. Albania 7 12:4 14
2. The czech republic 7 9:6 12
3. Poland 8 10:10 11
4. Moldova 7 7:7 10
5. Faroe Islands 7 2:13 1

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