Greta Thunberg verbally attacked. What upset the famous journalist?

Greta Thunberg verbally attacked.  What upset the famous journalist?

British journalist Piers Morgan did not hide his indignation at another personal appeal by Greta Thunberg. Meanwhile, the Spanish daily El Confidencial reports on the Thunberg family’s unclear connections.

Greta Thunberg once again made a personal appeal. The teenage activist said that many governments remain indifferent to the issue of climate change, and thus some politicians do not take any action to combat the effects of global warming. The 16-year-old admitted that although initiatives promoting the fight against climate change have been launched in many countries, the effects of their work are insufficient. – Indigenous peoples, who live in direct contact with nature, suffer the most from this. Climate change leads to the fact that the balance in nature is threatened, she explained.

Piers Morgan – British journalist, writer and celebrity reacted to the words of the Swede. “Greta, stop protesting, stop yelling at adults, stop scaring children and find a smarter, more optimal way to achieve the desired effect,” said the Briton. Under his post on Twitter, a stormy discussion broke out between the supporters of the young activist and those who were unfavorable to her.

Unclear affiliation with the ECF organization

This is not Piers Morgan’s first comment about the Swede. Earlier, the journalist wondered if it was accidentally used by adults. A few days ago, the Spanish daily El Confidencial reported that the 16-year-old is supported by companies that lobby for their own interests. According to the journalists’ findings, the Thunbergs are linked to the European Climate Foundation, registered in Brussels, through Daniel Donner, who is responsible for Greta’s media campaigns. Members of the organization include Hewlett Packard or the CTI fund, which is a shareholder in Red Electrica and Enagas. ECF is also financially supported by the Rockefeller family fund.

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