Waterspouts over the Baltic Sea. Action movies are all over the internet, tourists are fed up

Waterspouts over the Baltic Sea.  Action movies are all over the internet, tourists are fed up

The phenomenon that tourists on vacation in Jarosławiec had the opportunity to see is extremely rare. An unusual waterspout was recorded at the site. Instead of swimming in the sea, such attractions are available.

– August is a good month to observe waterspouts. One of them appeared about 20 minutes ago in Jarosławiec (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) – this is the message shared by the representatives of the Facebook profile called Polscy Łowcy Burz. It is hard to say clearly whether tourists associate this month with an unusual phenomenon – it seems that most of them expect the sun, calm water for bathing and warm sand. Either way, they get something completely unexpected in many locations instead.

An unusual phenomenon in Jarosławiec. A waterspout appeared

A video of the waterspout was recorded by one of the women present at the site. It shows horror scenes like from science fiction movies. A huge funnel of a waterspout floats above the water and spreads terror. This type of phenomenon in the Baltic Sea is extremely rare, because it is usually found in tropical and subtropical areas.

Dark clouds appeared over the sea at the moment, and huge storm waves appeared on the sea. The incident happened on Wednesday, August 9. According to the recording, the whirlwind formed over the sea, a short distance from the beach, it suddenly appeared among the clouds. Although everything looked impressive, it also caused anxiety in those around.

Tourists are fed up with this weather. An anomaly instead of the sun

It is not difficult to guess that people staying in Jarosławiec dreamed of a holiday in a warm and peaceful place. Unfortunately, for the next few days, they will have to accept the fact that all this is nothing. There was no shortage of comments, surprise and other similar reports under the video posted on the profile of Polish Storm Hunters.

– It is a pity that it did not touch the water, by the way, who would have thought 10 years ago that there would be whirlwinds in Poland – some people wrote, others added “Polish Dubai, just not these temperatures”. There were also those who assured that trumpets have always been present in Poland and will continue to be. What do you think about this type of phenomenon? Would you like to be nearby?

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