New visa rules for entering China. It will be much easier

New visa rules for entering China.  It will be much easier

China makes entry easier by regulating visa regulations. From now on, applying for a trip to this country will no longer be so difficult.

Unlike other top tourist destinations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France, China does not offer visa-free travel to most nationalities. Even though the Chinese were, before the COVID-19 epidemic, the nation that traveled abroad most often. The visa application enabling entry to the country is not the simplest one, which is why the Chinese authorities decided to modify it.

Changes to visa applications

China is wondering how to attract tourists who visited this Central Asian country in large numbers until 2019. Simplifying the processing of visa applications seems to be a good idea for a new tourist start. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that from today applicants do not have to explain their travel history up to five years ago – until now it was their obligation. Currently, you just need to complete the application with all trips that took place in the last year. Moreover, it will no longer be necessary to provide all the schools from our CV – only information about the last, highest level of education achieved will be enough. “Visa applicants will spend significantly less time filling out forms,” ​​the statement said.

Easier entry for Indian citizens

The news about the visa changes came shortly after China decided to relax regulations for Indian citizens. From now on, they will no longer have to disclose their biometric data. The lack of obligation to take fingerprints for citizens from this country will last at least until December 31 this year.

Poles who want to enter China must go to the consulate to obtain an entry visa. It is not possible to enter the People’s Republic of China with a passport alone. Customer service is provided by the China Visa Center. The waiting time for the document is one week in standard mode or two days in express mode. Currently, all types of visas require personal appearance, so we cannot order them online without leaving home. The validity of a tourist visa is 180 days with the possibility of staying up to 30 days in China.

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