Was your suitcase damaged at the airport? The stewardess advises what to do

Was your suitcase damaged at the airport?  The stewardess advises what to do

Did you pick up damaged luggage at the airport? If so, you don’t have to panic right away. There are ways to deal with this difficult situation. One of these is spoken by a person with as much experience in traveling as anyone else.

Traveling has not only positive sides, but sometimes also negative aspects. One of these may be problems at the airport, including: with delays or lost luggage. Sometimes it happens that a suitcase arrives, but it is damaged. How to react in such a situation? The famous stewardess Wiola shared valuable advice on TikTok.

Damaged luggage at the airport? The stewardess advises

A valuable tip that will help you if you receive a damaged suitcase at the airport was provided by @wiola.pl. She is a famous stewardess with over 262,000 followers on TikTok. people. The woman shares with Internet users not only interesting facts about her travels, but also stories from her professional life. All this is sprinkled with positive humor.

She explained how to deal with damaged luggage using her own example. “When I returned from my last vacation, it turned out that my suitcase was cracked and one wheel was missing,” she begins her story, and then shares a valuable tip. The rest of the video shows that the process is less complicated than you might think.

How to deal with damaged luggage at the airport

If, after collecting the suitcase from the luggage belt, we notice that it does not look good and has obvious damage, we must act immediately. At the airport, go to the “Lost and Found” point – something like a lost and found office. A special report will be prepared here.

“In my case, I had to provide personal data, flight number, value of the damaged suitcase and approximate date of purchase. Then I had 7 days to submit a complaint to the provided e-mail address. I had to attach photos of the damaged luggage, boarding pass, baggage tag and the prepared report to the report. Everything had to be sent via the Internet,” said stewardess Wiola.

Ultimately, it turned out that the complaint submitted was assessed positively. The injured party received an e-mail link to an online store where she could choose a new suitcase. It turned out that the new product arrived by mail after about two weeks.

Internet users commenting on the stewardess’ guide pointed out that matters are not always explained so quickly. One of the women wrote: “We reported everything right away and after 11 months we were given the opportunity to choose a new suitcase.” It is not known whether this case was an exception, but it can be concluded that the method works nonetheless.

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