Officials will enter homes and carry out inspections. The fines will reach 50,000. zlotys

Officials will enter homes and carry out inspections.  The fines will reach 50,000.  zlotys

Municipalities are obliged to check whether septic tanks located in their area meet all requirements. Therefore, we can expect inspection visits from officials and, unfortunately, severe penalties.

Sewer inspections may start with calls from the property owner. During the officials' visit, the owners will have to show a contract with an entrepreneur dealing with professional wastewater disposal. Inspectors may also ask about VAT invoices and bills for septic tank cleaning. It is important that such confirmations are regular.

Officials will inspect septic tanks

During the officials' visit, the proportions of pollutants exported to the amount of water used and the number of inhabitants on the farm will also be checked. During his work, each controller is obliged to have an appropriate ID and authorization. He will have to show them at the request of the owner of the property being checked.

However, such permits will enable inspectors and appraisers to enter a given plot and will allow them to bring in the equipment needed for their work. Importantly, the property owner cannot block such control. In case of problems, officials may call the services, which may impose a fine for obstructing the performance of officials' duties. Such a fine may reach up to PLN 5,000. zloty.

Penalties for irregularities in connecting the sewage system

Even higher penalties are provided for when irregularities are detected during inspections. You can pay a fine of PLN 500 for failing to present waste disposal contracts or bills to officials. When the case is dealt with in court, the fine may cost the owner PLN 5,000. zloty. Lack of a sewage system connected to the property may mean up to PLN 50,000. PLN fine.

Only owners of properties where connecting the sewerage system are unfeasible for technical reasons that cannot be circumvented or are economically unjustified are exempt.

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