These five things cause cellulite to grow. Clothes can also be to blame

These five things cause cellulite to grow.  Clothes can also be to blame

Lack of exercise and poor diet? You certainly know about it. But there are a few more items on the list of things that can cause enlarged cellulite.

Łukasz Paluch, a phlebologist who runs the popular @dr.paluch.flebolog profile on Instagram, this time reminded about things that can cause cellulite enlargement.

What Makes Cellulite Grow?

The doctor mentioned hormonal disorders in the first place. As he emphasized, this is an often overlooked reason for the aggravation of the problem with cellulite. “They alone, regardless of all the other factors listed above, are able to change the appearance of your legs very quickly” – says Łukasz Paluch.

In second place, the specialist lists improper hydration. “Water is essential for the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, and its pathology causes the deposition of cellulite,” he says. It will not surprise anyone that the doctor’s list also includes the lack of a proper, balanced diet and lack of physical activity.

Can clothes make cellulite worse? Incorrectly selected, too tight clothes are listed by Łukasz Paluch as the fifth cause of cellulite growth. She explains that tight clothes cause lymphatic circulation disorders in the legs.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is formed as a result of disorders related to the distribution of adipose tissue and other changes in the subcutaneous tissue. The colloquial name of cellulite is related to the appearance of the skin, which resembles an orange peel. Cellulite makes numerous irregularities and depressions on the skin visible, e.g. thighs and buttocks. It is a common cosmetic problem that mainly affects women. These changes are occasionally observed in men, which is related to e.g. with different tissue structures.

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