Financing for a sanatorium can be obtained not only from the National Health Fund. Who else can count on them?

Financing for a sanatorium can be obtained not only from the National Health Fund.  Who else can count on them?

You have to pay dearly for a stay in a sanatorium. Some people, however, can go to the spa for free, thanks to special funding. We explain where exactly you can get them.

A trip to a sanatorium can help fight various diseases, but also improve our overall well-being. Spas across the country offer various types of therapies and rehabilitation. They are often located in picturesque regions, which in turn also promotes relaxation and regeneration. Thanks to the professional care of doctors and medical staff, patients have a chance to improve their health, but not everyone can afford such a trip due to their financial situation. In such a case, some people may benefit from special funding.

Co-financing for spa treatment from the National Health Fund

The National Health Fund (NFZ) offers co-financing for a trip to a sanatorium for a certain group of people. Every insured person has the right to such spa treatment, if there are grounds for it. People continuing inpatient or outpatient treatment may apply for a trip to a sanatorium. The patient must obtain a referral from a doctor, and then, together with the attached documentation, it is sent to the provincial branch of the National Health Fund. The scope (type) of spa treatment is determined by a specialist in balneology and a specialist in physical medicine or medical rehabilitation.

Currently, such a referral to a sanatorium is issued only in electronic form, which is a great convenience for patients because it is impossible to lose such a document. You can also stay at the sanatorium without a referral, but then the stay is fully paid. Check how much a sanatorium costs privately.

Who else can benefit from funding for a sanatorium?

Co-financing for a trip to a sanatorium can also be used by people whose illness threatens to lose their ability to work (this is a pension prevention measure) – then such a trip to a sanatorium is covered by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). In this case, treatment in a spa should result in good prognosis for the patient's health. This form of funding can be used by:

  • working people who are at risk of total or partial incapacity for work,

  • persons entitled to sickness benefit or rehabilitation benefit after termination of the right to sickness or accident insurance,

  • people who receive a periodic pension due to incapacity for work, who also have the prospect of regaining the ability to work after rehabilitation.

Additionally, the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON) may co-finance the use of a rehabilitation course for people with disabilities.

Trip to a sanatorium with KRUS

Farmers can also receive funding for such spa treatment from the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS). Moreover, a new group was added to the list of eligible people some time ago – people entitled to an agricultural pension can benefit from a free stay in a sanatorium. Previously, such free treatment in the health resort was addressed only to professionally active farmers (who, due to their health condition, may have lost the ability to work on the farm, and rehabilitation could restore this ability).

Co-financing for a sanatorium for veterans and opposition activists

Financing for spa treatment can also be obtained from the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression. It can be used by anti-communist opposition activists and people repressed for political reasons and from the veteran community during World War II. In this case, it is granted by the Head of the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression – in such a situation, you must meet, among other things, a certain income criterion.

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