Moments of terror on safari. A car broke down next to an angry elephant

Moments of terror on safari.  A car broke down next to an angry elephant

The tourists’ vehicle broke down at the worst possible moment. For an hour they wandered around the park in the company of a wild animal.

The tourist published a recording of the unusual event on TikTok. The car in which three vloggers and local guides went on safari broke down a few seconds after an elephant, enraged by the presence of people in its area, ran towards them. Passengers were forced to leave the vehicle in front of wild animals.

The tourists angered the elephant and it started chasing the car

The author of the video travels around the world and is currently in Ghana. This country in West Africa is famous for its rich fauna, which has suffered significantly due to human activity. Wild animals such as elephants can be found here mainly in reserves. The woman went to one of such places with two friends and local guides. The published video shows that the trip was going well until an angry elephant decided to show the tourists their place. The animal ran towards the car, which broke down a moment later.

The tourists had to walk around the park for almost an hour

When the fault occurred, the guides went to the road to scare the animal away. Unfortunately, all four of them had to move away from the car, walking for almost an hour while waiting for a new car. “I have never been so afraid in my life,” wrote one of the women. After moments of terror, salvation came – a driver arrived at the park with a new vehicle. In the last clip of the video, we see all three women celebrating the end of this stressful day. “Imagine what would happen if they met a lion instead of an elephant,” we read in the comment.

Tourists should not forget that national parks, although they have separate zones for people, are still the territory of animals. Attacks by wild species can occur even in popular places and under the supervision of guides. We should always keep a safe distance and certainly not try to pet animals.

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