Ukraine used new weapons. It was quietly delivered by the United States

Ukraine used new weapons.  It was quietly delivered by the United States

The United States quietly delivered ATACMS long-range ballistic missiles to Ukraine. The weapon has already been used in occupied Berdyansk.

The AP news agency reports about the delivery of new weapons to Ukraine. The country attacked by Russia found the ATACMS long-range weapon to be urgently needed. Joe Biden promised its transfer to Ukraine last month.

ATACMS system. Biden’s promise fulfilled

On Tuesday, U.S. officials said Ukraine began using missiles on the battlefield against Russia for the first time. One of them said that the missiles (with a range of 160 km) reached Ukraine in the last few days. Their delivery to the front gives Ukraine a critical ability to attack more distant Russian targets, allowing Ukrainian forces to remain safely out of range.

The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss the issue before the official announcement of the shipment and spoke on condition of anonymity on Tuesday. The delivery of the military tactical missile system was shrouded in secrecy, and it was expected that the first confirmation would be the use of the missiles in combat.

Attack on an airport occupied by Russia

This is what happened – the Ukrainian Dialog.UA account showed a video showing an attack on the Russian airport in occupied Berdyansk. As a result, over 10 Russian army helicopters burned down.

The Russian military blogger Figterbomber also pointed out that this was one of the most serious, if not the most serious, attack during a “special military operation” (war in Ukraine – ed.). “There are losses in people and equipment,” he wrote.

“This intense secrecy (around the delivery – editor) represents a marked change compared to previous US deliveries of equipment. In almost all other cases, the United States publicly announced its decision before shipping weapons and equipment abroad. PAP asked the Pentagon and the White House about arms supplies, but has not received an answer yet.

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