Rosette: we follow our customers

Rosette: we follow our customers

The ROZETKA online store enters the Polish market. managed to talk to Władysław Czechetkin, the owner of the company, about running a business during the war and competition in Poland.

Rozetka online marketplace is the largest platform of this type in Ukraine and has been a leader in its niche for over 10 years. The essence of an online store is that small and medium-sized enterprises sell their goods on the platform, paying only a percentage of the commission for using the site. That’s why Rozetka offers a wide range of products in various categories: from household appliances and clothing to children’s products and food.

Business in times of war

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Rozetka experienced the most difficult moments. In the first months, many territories and regions of the country were occupied, so the company suffered significant losses of goods, many branches and warehouses were destroyed, and demand fell. The representatives do not hide the fact that initially it was difficult to work in such conditions, but they managed to stay on the market and are now still developing.

– We continue to rebuild our business, actively developing a network of delivery points, there are already over 400 of them throughout Ukraine – says Chechetkin.

Although the marketplace managed to maintain its leadership position, it only partially managed to return to pre-war income. A company representative estimates that “there are many categories in which the pre-war level is still far from being achieved” because the war continues and brings more and more obstacles to business: – I don’t think it’s possible to get used to the war. Each week brings new challenges and threats to which we must respond. In such conditions, we must be even more flexible than usual and respond quickly not only to obvious threats, but also to potential challenges that the company may face, he says.

Therefore, since the beginning of the war, the company has been consciously supporting the country’s economy and helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces. For example, until April 2023, military goods were sold without commission for sellers. Now the commission has been refunded because the current military supply situation has changed, but Rozetka continues to support the soldiers.

– We help, but we do not say who and how, this is classified information for security reasons – he adds.

This flexible approach and customer focus help the online store maintain customer trust and provide services at the highest level. – As always, there are many competitors. For us, the customer is always the highest priority, regardless of whether there is war in the country or a peaceful life. Providing services better than others is the main secret why Rozetka is number one on the e-commerce market in Ukraine – emphasizes Vladislav Chechetkin.

Entering the Polish market

The owner of the Rozetka platform admitted that due to emigration caused by the war, the number of consumers decreased significantly, especially in the segment of goods for women and children. Even now, the children’s category is the most affected. This made it logical to scale up the company and enter a new market.

– We follow our customers, so it was logical to open where we have the most of them. However, we focus not only on Ukrainians, because the high quality of our services will also find customers among Polish citizens, he says.

However, the market is much more competitive than in Ukraine. According to the platform representative, there are many competitors, they are stronger than the Ukrainian ones, and the Polish market is generally more complex. – Customers are already accustomed to high-quality services, so there are enough difficulties, but there are none that cannot be overcome – he emphasizes.

It’s been a short time since Rozetka started operating in Poland, so it’s too early to talk about the company’s results. The Ukrainian marketplace is currently researching the new market and its consumers, which is the company’s main focus. – There are no long-term plans, we are still at the stage of winning the favor of the Polish consumer – says Władysław Czeczetkin.

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