Tusk on “the wishes we were waiting for”. Morawiecki's strong response

Tusk on "the wishes we were waiting for".  Morawiecki's strong response

Preliminary data from the Central Statistical Office indicate a surprising drop in inflation in March to 1.9%. Every year. Donald Tusk commented on the situation. Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki quickly responded.

The Central Statistical Office published inflation data in March in the so-called quick respect. The data surprised – they are better than expected – they show that inflation in March in Poland amounted to 1.9 percent. Every year.

Tusk referred to the decline in inflation

The Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański, announced the latest data on the X portal. “Salaries up, inflation down (1.9% – the lowest in 5 years), the zloty is strong, GDP is growing, unemployment is record low. Last week, there was PLN 9 billion of demand for Polish treasury bonds. We are gradually getting the economy back on track. Have a healthy and family Christmas,” he wrote.

His entry was retweeted by Prime Minister Donald Tusk with the note: “We have been waiting for such Easter wishes.”

Morawiecki responds to Tusk

Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki quickly commented on the Prime Minister's statement. In his entry, he mocked the head of government, using a football metaphor, suggesting that the low inflation is largely due to PiS, and not the current government.

“You came on at the last minute, you didn't touch the ball, but you were the first to run to the fans after the whistle. This is, in a nutshell, the course of your match with inflation,” wrote Morawiecki.

The metaphor was taken further by Tomasz Trela ​​from the Left, attacking Morawiecki himself. “You played several matches and either fouled, simulated, or cheated the referees, and you kept sucking up to the club president and always did what he ordered,” he wrote.

Inflation in Poland. Surprisingly low preliminary data from March

On Friday, March 29, the Central Statistical Office released inflation data in the so-called quick respect. According to them, inflation in Poland amounted to 1.9 percent in March. Every year. This is the lowest level in five years – and lower than expected.

Inflation in February 2024 was 2.8 percent, year-on-year. In January it was 3.9%, so the decline in the price growth rate is permanent. The worst year in this respect was February 2023, when a price increase exceeded 18%.

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