“Google is a malicious app.” Strange message on Huawei phones

"Google is a malicious app."  Strange message on Huawei phones

Huawei phones incorrectly mark a Google app as infected with a virus. According to the alert, this “malware” can send SMS messages without the user’s consent.

Older Huawei devices incorrectly identify Google apps as Trojan malware, specifically labeled TrojanSMS-PA. According to the alert, this “malware” can send SMS messages without the user’s consent.

Incorrect virus message

On user forums (Reddit, Google Help and many others) many people confirm that this is not an isolated case. The problem seems to have appeared after the latest Google app update and is mainly identified by Huawei’s Phone Manager or Optimizer app.

“This app has been detected sending private text messages soliciting users to pay with adult content, privately downloading/installing apps, or stealing private information, which may result in property damage and invasion of privacy. We recommend uninstalling it immediately,” we read in the message displayed by the Chinese manufacturer’s devices.

Software glitch

Other antivirus apps such as Norton and Sophos did not identify the Google app as malicious, leading to a strong assumption that it is a false positive. While Huawei hasn’t made any official statement, the general consensus is that this is a bug in Huawei and Honor’s security software and not an actual security threat from Google.

One of the most likely causes of false Huawei security alerts could be a software glitch. It’s not uncommon for bugs to disrupt security algorithms, leading to inaccurate notifications. Another aspect to consider is the role of fake signatures. Security software relies on virus definitions, and an outdated or faulty signature may cause incorrect identification.

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