“F the rules” – a new FOREO campaign on the occasion of Women's Day

“F the rules” – a new FOREO campaign on the occasion of Women's Day

With Women's Day approaching, FOREO, the world's leading brand of advanced skin care technology, wants to stir things up again and invite you to the conversation about beauty standards. How? Through the “F the rules” campaign.

In a society filled with rigid rules and unrealistic expectations, FOREO rejects the idea that beauty must involve pain and suffering, that one must wear full makeup to be perceived as “the pretty one” and constantly, often despite themselves, strive for “perfection.” Instead, the brand challenges these outdated norms, inviting women to break free from traditional beauty ideals and inspiring them to pursue their own ideas about living, loving and taking care of themselves. In the video promoting FOREO's “F the rules” campaign, the model expresses all negative emotions, destroying the interior of the museum and metaphorically finally freeing herself from the imposed beauty standards.

Where did International Women's Day come from?

International Women's Day has a rich history rooted in the pursuit of gender equality and women's rights. It dates back to the early 20th century, when labor movements in North America and Europe advocated for women's rights. The day was officially recognized in 1975 during the International Women's Year and proclaimed UN Women's Rights and Peace Day in 1977. It has since become a global unifying point for women's rights, promoting gender equality and women's participation around the world.

“The 'F the rules' Women's Day campaign represents our ongoing commitment to challenging outdated beauty standards and social norms that have long “oppressed” women around the world. Thanks to innovative technology, we choose pleasure over pain, individuality over trends, and above all We reject imposed expectations. Women should have the freedom to define beauty on their own terms and for this reason some rules should be broken or forgotten,” says Vladimir Cuturilo, General Manager for Eastern Europe.

Beauty according to FOREO

If you don't feel like it, taking care of your beauty shouldn't be a time-consuming or drastic process, which is why FOREO introduces concepts like the Swedish Beauty Routine – a simple approach consisting of three (and a half) steps. This routine focuses on using a few carefully selected products to achieve the best possible results with minimal effort, thanks to the synergy of devices and skin care. In just seven minutes, it cleanses, lifts, moisturizes and brings a smile to your face.

That's why FOREO presents a list of rules that are worth throwing away and special offers it has prepared on the occasion of Women's Day.

“Beauty takes time.” Not so with UFO™ 2

Replace your 20-minute sheet mask with a 2-minute deeply moisturizing treatment. Clinically proven anti-aging results in one week!

UFO™ 2 provides the skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration and is clinically proven to increase skin hydration levels by 126%, maintaining the effect for up to 6 hours. UFO™ 2 can be used in combination with UFO™ active masks, currently 30% off, or with FOREO sheet masks. Each of them has its own treatment procedure in the FOREO application, which can be synchronized with the device.

“Beauty is covering up every imperfection.” Not with LUNA™ 3

Replace hiding imperfections with proper cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. Enjoy beautiful skin, which may not always be “perfect”.

LUNA™ 3 is clinically proven to remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue – making it much more effective than cleansing with your hands alone. Extremely soft silicone protrusions gently exfoliate dead skin cells without causing abrasions. T-Sonic™ pulsations temporarily expand pores to remove impurities deep inside – reducing the risk of breakouts and leaving your face fresh. In Firming Massage mode, low-frequency pulsations help relax facial muscle tension points and smooth fine lines for a firmer complexion.

“Beauty is pain.” Not with BEAR™

Replace invasive cosmetic procedures with painless microcurrent therapy. Longer results and no recovery time!

BEAR™ is the world's first FDA-approved microcurrent device with the Anti-Shock™ system. Providing anti-aging benefits, it visibly improves facial contours by gently energizing and firming all 69 muscles of the face and neck. The device is clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles, as well as increase skin firmness and elasticity in just one week. The device combines FOREO's signature T-sonic™ pulsations with microcurrents that provide an immediate face lift. Unlike expensive aesthetic medicine treatments, FOREO BEAR™ is completely non-invasive and painless.

“Beauty requires drastic measures.” Not with ESPADA™

Replace squeezing imperfections with blue LED light treatment. To fight acne-causing bacteria under the skin before they even appear.

ESPADA™ is an FDA-approved device clinically proven to quickly and effectively target blemished skin. It combines laser-focused blue LED light and T-Sonic™ pulsations to get rid of blemish-causing bacteria deep in the skin. Additionally, the device stimulates microcirculation, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the problem area – accelerating skin regeneration, which enables faster healing. ESPADA™ is clinically proven to reduce blackheads by 41%, as well as help reduce redness and pore size, and increase skin smoothness.

“Beauty requires 9 hours of sleep every night.” Not with IRIS™

Let's be honest, although sleep is one of the best ways to get a fresh perspective, we don't always have as much of it as we need. Fortunately, with the help of IRIS we can easily deal with bags and bruises.

IRIS™ is a non-invasive, fast, effective and ultra-hygienic eye area massage device inspired by ancient lymphatic drainage techniques practiced in Asia. Clinically proven to be 3.5 times more effective than fingertips alone in reducing eye bags, 80% more effective in smoothing eye contour, and 70% more effective in reducing dark circles.

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