They say it belongs to Lukashenko. Impressive mansion with fountain, tennis court and beach

They say it belongs to Lukashenko.  Impressive mansion with fountain, tennis court and beach

Previously, the Belarusian newspaper “Nasha Niva” wrote about her. Now the matter has been publicized by former Belarusian uniformed officers, who now criticize the dictator. This is what Lukashenko's three-story residence looks like, with an area exceeding 1,150 square meters.

The BELPOL organization published a film about the “Wschód” residence, allegedly belonging to Alexander Lukashenko. The investigation tells the story of a large house, built on a plot of 7 hectares, which was expanded by additional hectares over time. The existence of the residence was first reported in 2021 – reminds the independent television Belsat TV.

Lukashenko's residence? Three terraces, a fountain, saunas, sports fields and a beach

Although 7 hectares of land are impressive, it should be emphasized that over time, the area belonging to the residence was expanded by another 10.5 hectares, which are under nature protection (the area of ​​the Zaslavsky Reservoir near Minsk).

Officially, the residence is under the control of the security service, which, for example, issues passes to people who take care of the “East” on a daily basis. Officially, there is a government telecommunications line there – Białsat journalists report, citing an investigation by the BELPOL organization. In reality, however, there is a property on this huge area – most likely belonging to Lukashenko – which has an area of ​​just 1,157.7 square meters. The residence was built mainly of wood – it has three floors, three terraces and a fountain. Inside you will find phenomenal marble and granite cladding.

When the owner invites guests, he can provide them with a variety of entertainment – there is apparently a barbecue, saunas, and a sports and rehabilitation center. And also places to play, e.g. for children – including: small football or basketball pitches, and even trampolines. You can play tennis there or relax on the beach, looking at the water.

The property managers are said to be Lukashenko's former colleagues

According to unofficial findings by former uniformed officers (BELPOL), Lukashenko's sons and grandchildren entered the residence as their place of residence. The real estate administration is handled by Dana Holdings, whose heads are two businessmen from Serbia, brothers, allegedly long-time good friends of Lukashenko, with whom he has had a relationship for over 20 years.

Dana Holdings received permission to build a huge housing estate in Minsk Mir – the company received the land by decree, but the entity agreed under the contract to use it to implement “social goals”. “And that is why the “East” residence was included in the investment,” explains the editors of the Belsat portal. The problem is that residents apparently do not have access to it at all. Dana Astra – a subsidiary of Dana Holdings – was, according to documents obtained by the BELPOL organization, investing money in the residence – e.g. by purchasing Italian furniture worth almost PLN 150,000. euro (over PLN 640,000).

For the investment and real estate services, Lukashenko's old friends could start building a housing estate. They received land with an area of ​​more than 300 ha. They also have many different privileges – they are apparently exempt from paying part of the taxes, and they also receive money from city funds, which they can spend on accompanying infrastructure and transport connections. However, the surpluses are to be spent on the residence. Belsat reminds that European countries have imposed severe sanctions on the owners of Dana Holdings.

Putin's secret residence 30 km from the Finnish border?

At the end of January 2024, the media organization Dossier Center published a video about a secret residence allegedly belonging to Vladimir Putin, which was called the “Northern Dacha”. It is to be located on Lake Ładoga – close to the border with Finland. The investigation revealed that the plot itself had an area of ​​4 square kilometers.

There will be three buildings on its premises. Trout and cows are bred there. There is also a sauna and a gazebo from which you can admire the waterfall. There are also two helicopter landing pads, although this is not the only way to get to it – you can also sail there – by yacht.

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