Do you have an Android phone? Beware of an app that spy for Russia

Do you have an Android phone?  Beware of an app that spy for Russia

A fake application pretending to be Google Chrome steals user data and sends it to servers in Russia, say experts from AG Data.

Cybersecurity experts from AG Data have detected a fake Android application that impersonates the popular Google Chrome web browser. The program, which looks almost identical to the original one, is used to spy on users and send their personal data to Russia.

It pretends to be Google Chrome and steals your data

The fake app was spotted by users who installed it from unofficial sources. Initially, it worked flawlessly, leaving users with no reason to be suspicious. However, analysis by specialists showed that the application contained malicious code that, once installed on the device, began collecting sensitive information such as login details, passwords and even browsing history.

It turned out that the data collected in this way was then sent to servers located in Russia. The malware was able to intercept SMS messages, emails and other data stored on mobile devices. It was determined that the application could also have access to a camera and microphone, which allowed tracking user activity in real time.

Google's reaction

Google, informed of this incident, has taken steps to remove the fake application from all available sources and secure the official Google Play store against similar threats. The company advised users to download software only from trusted sources and regularly check the permissions requested by applications installed on their devices.

Security experts recommend Android users to:

  • They checked the source of the app before downloading it

  • They regularly updated the operating system and applications

  • They used antivirus programs

  • They were careful when granting permissions to applications

The incident with the fake Google Chrome browser is another reminder of the need to remain vigilant in the era of growing threats on the Internet. Users should be aware that the applications they use every day may become the target of hacker attacks at any time.

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