Tourists punished for the so-called balcony. They will pay over PLN 150,000. zloty

Tourists punished for the so-called  balcony.  They will pay over PLN 150,000.  zloty

A few foreign travelers will remember their antics in Mallorca for a long time. They were fined very heavily. All because they decided on the so-called balcony. The authorities have no mercy for people behaving in this way.

Tourists going on holiday to different countries can behave in different ways. Some people come up with unwise ideas and, for example, destroy famous monuments, as was the case in Florence, where graffiti was painted on an iconic building.

Others, in turn, take actions that may end tragically for themselves. In Majorca, a phenomenon called balconying is popular. The British and the Swede found out that it is not worth going in this direction, for the so-called balcony workers have just received a fine of PLN 35,000. euro each.

Severe punishment for tourists for the so-called balcony

Tourists who practiced the so-called balcony, they received a fine of PLN 180,000. euro. Four British tourists and one Swede found out that such an action on a Spanish island has very serious consequences.

The island’s authorities have no mercy for this behavior, as it has already resulted in fatal accidents.

Each of the five visitors was fined EUR 35,000 (approx. PLN 150,000). Everyone was also thrown out of their hotels. The sanctions are in line with the law on tourist excesses, which is included in the law of the municipality of Calvia.

Juan Feliu, city hall director general responsible for offenses and sanctions, emphasizes that these penalties have a “strong deterrent effect.”

“Balconing is not tolerated in our municipality. This is an irresponsible practice that can cause serious, irreversible injuries and even death,” he said.

The man also emphasized that police officers should control the behavior of tourists even more in this matter.

Balcony fatalities

There have been no balconing fatalities reported in Calvia this year, but it has happened before.

“Balconing” or “balconing” is when tourists – often drunk or under the influence of drugs – move from one room to another in a hotel via a balcony or jump directly into the hotel swimming pool from the balcony. Such excesses regularly end in health damage or even death.

This dangerous practice mainly occurs in areas such as Majorca, Ibiza and along the eastern coast of Spain.

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