This makes Nikola Grbic privileged. The volleyball coach didn’t even hide it

This makes Nikola Grbic privileged.  The volleyball coach didn't even hide it

Nikola Grbic, together with the Polish national team, begins the struggle for the Olympic Games. After winning the Nations League and the European Championship, theoretically no one should threaten them. However, the Serb remains cautious. He points out that he may feel privileged.

Polish volleyball players will start their competition in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games on Saturday. They will have seven fights in Xi’an, China, which will decide whether they will follow in the footsteps of their colleagues and guarantee themselves tickets to Paris less than a year before the Olympics. Theoretically, the White and Reds should have no problems with promotion, because they coped very well with each of their rivals. Additionally, not one, but two teams will advance.

Nikola Grbic did not hide his privileged position

Both the players and the staff of the Polish national team warn against underestimating their rivals. The White and Reds are currently the leader of the world ranking. Theoretically, they should not worry about promotion, because in the event of failure, they could go to Paris thanks to their high position in the rankings. Grbic categorically rejects this possibility, wanting to advance now.

In a special interview with “Wprost”, the Serbian coach also referred to working conditions. The infrastructure and finances invested in the national volleyball team are the envy of most rivals. Oleh Płotnycki was tempted to say that Grbic is in a privileged position. The coach of the Polish national team didn’t even try to argue.

– Yes, I am privileged because I can use great infrastructure. As a whole team, we have great conditions for training, sleeping and traveling. A long time ago in Serbia we could not dream of similar facilities. There was also no money like today. Of course, great conditions won’t win you an Olympic championship. We won gold in 2000 without having any luxuries. Nevertheless, what we have now in Poland certainly helps volleyball players significantly, especially with such a tight calendar, said Grbic.

Polish volleyball players will fight for the Olympic Games

The first rival of the White and Reds in the qualifying tournament will be Belgium. In the previous direct match, the Poles won 3:1. It took place in the 1/8 finals of EuroVolley 2023.

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