This is what the new Lara Croft looks like. Fans want her to appear in the next game

This is what the new Lara Croft looks like.  Fans want her to appear in the next game

Concept art published on social media may depict a new incarnation of the iconic Lara Croft. Or at least that's what fans of the Tomb Raider series want.

Such materials are usually not published on the Internet by accident, but this does not mean that they necessarily herald something that everyone is waiting for. It is a concept art depicting a new incarnation of Lara Croft, the most famous female character in the gaming industry, known from the cult series of computer games called Tomb Raider.

The image with Lara Croft has just been published by Crystal Dynamics studio, the creators of the more modern versions of Tomb Raider, the series of which was launched in 2013. So far, we have received three installments of the game, but it has been known for some time that people from Crystal Dynamics are working on a new generation of Tomb Raider. The fact that work on the next adventures of Lara Croft has been going on for several years has been confirmed in 2022.

The publication of concept art with Lara Croft in a blue blouse and a green necklace aroused a lot of emotion among fans of the series, who now hope that this is what the new incarnation of the main character of the upcoming Tomb Raider game may look like. Interestingly, Lara had the opportunity to appear in exactly this form in another game, namely in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, where she appeared as an additional character in multiplayer mode.

So does the publication of concept art by Crystal Dynamics confirm that this is what Lara Croft will look like now? Quite possible. For now, what is certain is that it is primarily related to yesterday's premiere of Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered, a package of the first three classic installments of the series released in a refreshed version.

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