The British postman drone is already operational. Delivers letters to the Scottish islands

The British postman drone is already operational.  Delivers letters to the Scottish islands

In the UK, mail is delivered to residents by a drone. The machine has no problem getting to isolated islands even in difficult weather conditions and significantly speeds up deliveries to small communities.

Royal Mail has invested in the latest technology and started delivering letters using drones. Sky deliveries will be regularly delivered in one of the regions of Scotland – where the postman simply will not walk dry foot.

Royal Mail delivered by drone – Brits are investing in technology

Postal drone deliveries solve a rather complicated logistical problem. Orkney is an archipelago belonging to Scotland, located several kilometers north of the mainland. It consists of as many as 70 islands, 20 of which are inhabited by a community of over 22,000 people. The importance of dispersion hinders all deliveries – of supplies, but also of mail.

After numerous tests of Skysports Drone Services, Royal Mail has in recent days started to regularly deliver letters by drones. This is the first service of its kind in the country. For now, the drone is delivering messages and small packages from Orkney’s main town of Stromness to the islands of Hoy and Graemsay to the south.

This already saves the postmen from additional boat trips, which in the event of a storm had no way to land on the shore. Postal representatives are quite optimistic and intend to gradually expand the range of drone services.

How does a postman drone work?

The drone commanding the list is the Speedbird Aero DLV-2 – a fairly large and resistant machine controlled by a dedicated pilot. The device can deliver up to 6 kilograms of parcels in one go. However, the drone will not drop us a letter from the sky directly onto the doormat. Most of the route is still taken care of by people.

Postal items therefore arrive by ship from Scotland’s main landmass to the distribution center at Stromness. Letters destined for other islands are packed into the drone, which quickly carries them through the water. On site, the entire set of parcels is picked up by postmen in a specially designated place. They deliver letters to individual addresses in the old way – on their own feet.

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