Jake Paul enraged Mayweather. “I’ll kill you. You showed me no respect.”

Jake Paul enraged Mayweather.  "I'll kill you.  You showed me no respect.”

The very idea of ​​an amateur fight with Floyd Mayweather makes us question the sanity of Logan Paul. Inciting a boxing legend before a fight? This is something beyond our understanding.

Youtubers tend to do stupid things to achieve greater reach. Some people, however, definitely don’t know when to say “stop”. Logan Paul’s brother most likely just gave him a long rehabilitation in the hospital. He decided to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat, which enraged the boxer to hell.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather signed a contract to fight last September. Since then, the fight has been postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the date has been set to June 6. The fight is so attractive that it will be a fight between a real boxing legend and a real rookie.

The unequal fight will be a hit

Mayweather won all 50 fights in his professional career, 27 of them by knockout. The 44-year-old boxer was the world champion of the WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight federations, the WBC and WBA junior middleweight champion, the WBC champion in the junior lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweight and light middleweight categories, and the IBF organization in the welterweight category. Meanwhile, Paul fought one duel with another YouTuber, which he lost.

During a press conference with both fighters, Logan Paul’s younger brother had a brief exchange with Floyd Mayweather. At some point, Jake Paul decided to take his hat off the boxing legend’s head. He started saying “I have your hat” over and over again, imitating a popular motif from American comedies. The boxer took this as an insult and sought to confront the prankster.

– You insulted me. You’re crazy? I’ll kill you. I’ll kill the motherfucker – Mayweather kept repeating, trying to break through the ranks of tall security guards. Jake Paul came out of it with a black eye. He was probably hit by one of the bodyguards. Logan Paul also joined in the fight, noting that he asked his younger brother to avoid similar provocations. The recording of the incident is already going viral on social media.

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