Important news regarding CPK. This could be a breakthrough in the construction of the port

Important news regarding CPK.  This could be a breakthrough in the construction of the port

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) announced the submission of a key application for a location decision for the airport in Baranów.

Today, May 20, the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) company submitted the necessary documents to the Masovian Voivode to obtain a location decision, which is an important step towards starting the construction of a new transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź. This decision was necessary to obtain a building permit, after a period of delays related to the replacement of management in the company.

CPK with a key conclusion

Interestingly, the deadline for completing the documentation was today. The application was originally submitted in the fall of 2023 by the company's previous management, but in February the voivode returned it to CPK, ordering the missing maps to be completed on an appropriate scale within 60 days. However, CPK needed an additional 30 days to make the required corrections, which were completed today.

The Onet portal, citing conversations with anonymous CPK employees, writes about “the inertia that prevailed in the company after its management was replaced by the new government.” In their opinion, neither the new government nor even its plenipotentiary for CPK, Maciej Lasek, has been able to provide a clear answer for months on how this project is to be continued.

When will the construction of the CPK start?

The future of the CPK was one of the topics of the conversation of the “Graffiti” program on Polsat News, with the participation of the Minister of Infrastructure Dariusz Klimczak. – The Central Communication Port is a very important project that was spoiled at the very beginning – he said.

He also emphasized that his predecessors “talked more than they did” regarding investments. – I don't talk about it, I do it. Many investments related to the CPK are being implemented on an ongoing basis and if someone says that we are freezing and slowing down, it's not true – he said Klimczak.

When asked when the proverbial “first shovel” will be broken on the CPK construction site, the minister replied: – Mr. Maciej Lasek assured me that the first actual works will begin in the middle of next year. Of course, it depends on many things.

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