The perfect idea for an inexpensive city break. This city in Europe is becoming more and more popular

The perfect idea for an inexpensive city break.  This city in Europe is becoming more and more popular

London, Paris, Budapest, Amsterdam? Nothing of that. This year, a completely different European city is gaining popularity. It offers tourists great weather, low prices, and plenty of attractions. See where this place is.

In the face of constantly rising prices, travelers are looking for new, slightly cheaper destinations. That is why trips to the capital of Great Britain or Paris, loved by everyone, are not as popular as they were in the era of cheap flights. Expeditions to these parts should now be put aside and focus on a completely different place.

This undiscovered pearl of the Balkans tempts tourists with low prices and fairy-tale scenery. It is possible to fly there from Poland in a short time, and there are only a lot of positive surprises waiting for us on the spot. This city will soon be a real tourist hit.

Sarajevo is getting more and more popular

Sarajevo, because we are talking about it, is known as the one that started the First World War. In addition, it is marked by the war that took place here in the 1990s. So it’s no wonder that the direction of travel is not obvious to everyone. Recently, however, many tourists have changed their minds about this city. All thanks to the pleasant weather, low prices and the fascinating history of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This place has the highest number of tourists in post-war history this year. It is still considered a bit exotic and this is what makes more and more people want to come here.

It is worth noting that for an overnight stay in a five-star hotel in the very center of Sarajevo, we will pay 120 euros per night, and a pint of beer will cost us less than 2 euros here. And although these are extremely important factors, travelers pay attention to something else.

What attracts tourists to Sarajevo?

Foreigners like to go to Sarajevo to be able to gather on the hills above the city and observe the famous panorama in the valley surrounded by high mountains. This Balkan city is often described as the place where east meets west, as the architectural styles vary in different areas – this reflects its mixed history.

In the Old Town – known as Bas Carsija and built by the Turks in the 15th century – visitors can explore traditional Bosnian handicraft shops and popular restaurants.

You can also find here one of the oldest mosques in the Balkans and one of the largest buildings in the old town – Gazi Husrev-beg. Although it was heavily shelled during the war in the 1990s, it still stands proudly in the city thanks to its thick walls and post-war renovation project. It is still a working mosque, but visitors can enter it for around 1.5 euros.

Unlike the mosque, many buildings have not been fully restored, so you can still see bullet holes in their walls.

Just a stone’s throw away, Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by the young Bosnian-Serbian rebel Gavrilo Princip on the Latin Bridge in 1914, sparking World War I. Today, the museum at the site of the assassination is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sarajevo.

In other parts of the city you can see more Austro-Hungarian influence. Traditional Neo-Renaissance and Gothic buildings dominate, marking the decades of the rule of the Austrian Empire.

Sarajevo is best explored on foot. It is a small town, so we can easily cover the local distances in search of the treasures of this place. When is the best time to visit? July and August are likely to be the hottest months, so many people suggest going to the city in May, June or September.

If you are looking for something more active, you can go on a day hike to Mount Trebevic. At the top, which is also reached by a cable car, there are beautiful views of the city.

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